Welcome to the ICARUS at Work web page! Note that the pages below require authentication. If you are not a member of the ICARUS collaboration, please visit our ICARUS public website.

At Work Now

  • The Getting Started Page holds links to help find your way around Fermilab services and prepare for working on the experiment.
  • The ICARUS Contact List contains contact information for collaboration members.
  • The ICARUS Experts Contact List contains contact information of experts.
  • The Working Groups Page is a portal to the WG sub-sites.
  • The Operations Page is a portal to the running detector.
  • The Meetings Page lists the current regular meeting time slots, the collaboration meeting dates with links to the DocDB for past collaboration meetings, and shows a google calendar which collects an overview of scheduled meetings.

Presentations, Talks and Plots

  • Section in progress

Documentation At Work

  • DocDB
    • DocDB Internal - username and password required for access to all internal documents
  • The Technical Notes Page lists technical writeups stored in the DocDB
  • The Governance Page provides internal information on how the collaboration agrees to run itself